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BT TV with TP-Link Archer V2800

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone's used BT TV with one of these or knows whether I'm likely to have issues? I've found results (generally favourable ones) for other TP-Link routers but can't find anything on this one, apologies if I've missed it.


I'd quite like BT TV, but not enough to switch back to a BT hub to get it.

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Re: BT TV with TP-Link Archer V2800

My VR900 works OK, but they are not always necessarily straightforward to setup.


some people say they work straight out of the box but I used mine with BT Vision which required a separate 'bridge network' to be created using the IPTV settings. YouView doesn't require this and so long as IGMP Snooping is enabled, it should work OK. But you need to check the spec of the router (or perhaps the user guide) to see if it has settings for IGMP.


One issue I had on upgrading the firmware was that the YV box failed to attach to the IGMP stream ... nothing had changed settings wise (or somI thought) but after some searching and fiddling, the router had cleared the 'country' under the TIME setting, and putting this back in to UK, the YB box immediately started to work on the IP channels - very odd.


suggest perhaps you buy the router from Amazon and if it doesn't work, swap it for something like a VR900 which does.

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