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BT Throttling RMTP Traffic?

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone else is having the same issue(s) as me and if they have any advice.

My FTTC Superfast Fibre Plus generally syncs at around 68Mbps down / 18Mbps up.

I enjoy streaming my gameplay to twitch (simply as a hobbie, not a job!), I'm sending around 4Mbps-5Mbps to twitch so plenty of avaliable bandwidth left, so wouldn't expect any saturation/bufferbloat etc... Perhaps a slight increase in latency.

Latency to the gateway (BT SmartHub) are network are <1ms but responses sent to the web jump all over the place from 20ms up to 140ms to addresses which take 10ms when not running the stream so making online games literally unplayable, as soon I were to end the stream the latency drops instantly back to what I'd expect.

The video encoding is being done on a different computer so I believe BT are definitely on a fiddle here with some sort of traffic shaping or something because it starts fine and starts spiking shortly after the traffic starts. All devices are cabled connections and I've even tried using a Netgear Nighthawk D7800 and had the same results.

I've had the speil about "We do not guarantee the upload speeds blah blah" but in all fairness I am getting more than enough speed to this address but they're tinkering with my traffic when they see the upstream RMTP traffic coming down the line.

I was previously on Virgin Media and all was fine but moved to a different area which unfortunately Virgin hasn't rolled out to so I'm stuck with BT.

Last week I upgraded to the Fibre Plus for the higher upload speed to see if that would help ease the issue but no luck...

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Regards, Tom

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Re: BT Throttling RMTP Traffic

This is an example of pings to whilst the stream is running.

So I'm essentially using 5.5Mbps of my total 18Mbps upload.


Pings to google DNSPings to google DNSIs this expected behaviour..?


I have also emulated the same amount of traffic using an online stream bandwidth test and pings are fine. So why am I having issues when streaming using the RMTP protocal on twitch?(see highlighted in below image)

I'm actually using more bandwidth than my stream uses in the example.

A separate test.A separate test.

Also I have tried the test socket and the same issue occurs.

Any help would be much appreicaited! Thank you!

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Re: BT Throttling RMTP Traffic

Neither BT nor any ISP are responsilble for the whole www.

As with any ISP there comes a time when routing us handed over to a third party to forward onto whichever site you wish to contact/upload/download from etc. Then that third party provider may well had over routing to another "gateway" company in a different country.

ISP's supply "one size fits all" routers/hubs to their customer base. I would suggest you need a third party router where you can set QOS to what you need for your own use.

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Re: BT Throttling RMTP Traffic?

As @pippincp has said, the home hub cannot assign any priority to a device, so when you are uploading, its going to result in delayed responses to other applications.

All you can do is to try a router which allows you to specify which devices, on your own network get priority on the upload path, and give your Twitch stream the lowest upload priority.

If that does not help, then its the way that the upload path is dealt with by BT, as its not given high priority, so all you can do is to make sure you are not uploading anything during gameplay.

The Internet itself, is optimised for download priority not upload priority, as most upload tasks are not critical.

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Re: BT Throttling RMTP Traffic?

I have tried configuring QOS on the Netgear nighthawk and it still occured there's nothing I can do about it..?
Would the other ISPs that use the openreach network be exactly the same?

I don't get how are there literally thousands of streamers doing the exact same thing with no problem? Some of these guys must be on BT...?

The reply about this could be the way BT are prioritising my upload traffic... That's basically shaping right? I doubled his upload bandwidth only last week to the "Plus" package to try and circumnavigate this issue.

They advise they don't slow you down..?
Somethings not right.
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