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BT Total Wifi stopped connecting to Shart Aquos TV


I purchased a BT Total Wifi in 2019 and recently increased the number of discs to 5 throughout the house.
I find this very good system - and improves my Virgin Media ISP (Superhub 3) and overall very happy.
I have v.1.02.12 build02 firmware.
Over the past few days I have noticed that we have lost connectivity to Sharp Aquos Smart TV. We purchased this earlier this year.
When I reset the TV I entered the Wifi details but I received "Password incorrect" .. I checked the password and it is fine but TV does not accept.
I created hotspot off my mobile phone and I could connect, I then went back to the VM Superhub 3 and switched back on Wifi 2.4Ghz with a different SSID and I am now able to connect to the Sharp TV. 
Why cannot I connect using the BT Total Wifi anymore to the Sharp TV?
I know I have combined 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz with my BT Total Wifi but this works perfectly for all other devices, and until recently worked fine for the Sharp TV... 
Any ideas? 
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Re: BT Total Wifi stopped connecting to Shart Aquos TV

This has just happened to me.  It will connect to a hotspot from my phone, but not to the BT total wifi, which works for everything else.  Just stopped working 2 days ago.



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