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BT Total Wifi with one disc

Hi Ive just recently upgraded to superfast fibre and got a deal on the total/complete WiFi and took one disc to hell the connection around the house as the BT engineer decided to fit my fibre in box in a cupboard.


Anyway despite getting 60meg download and 20meg upload I notice hardly any difference on the speed on my devices. Also having massive problems with WiFi signal dropping out intermittently for 5 seconds or so before reconnecting.

To compound my misery I have a 13 year old constantly banging on to me that this affects his xbox by pausing gameplay.

I set the disc up via the app and now have full signal everywhere so cannot understand why its doing it. I also believe the smart hub 2 should automatically change channels so ruling out interference???

I'm pretty p***** off really as I'm paying for the premium package but not seeing any benefit from my regular broadband deal I had with plusnet.


Has anyone any advice?


Thanks. M

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Re: BT Total Wifi with one disc

Have you turned off Smart Setup in the Hub manager? It's often recommended on here to do so as it seems to cause various connectivity issues for some users.

Typing: in a web browser takes you to the Hub Manager.

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Re: BT Total Wifi with one disc

I'll give it a whirl. Thanks 

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