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BT - Totally useless - 8 months STILL NO FIX!

I moved into a new flat in January, needing internet I went with BT, the only option in my area (no virgin).

I set up an account ONLINE for Broadband option 3, Unlimited evening and weekend calls with monthly billing! (due to redundancy I can't afford 3 months in advance.) Because it was online it came with various special offers like half price this and that for three months.

I then got an E-mail back from BT explaining that I could not have that offer due to the fact I needed a landline at the premises. So I stuck a phone in this ‘none existent land line’ dialed 17070 got a number and mailed BT back asking for an explanation to why THEY thought I didn’t have a landline. I gave them a contact number and asked for a call.

BT. Called me at my mothers house. We sorted it all out and connection was arranged.

First Bill:

3 Months, not 1

Extra charges for BB usage (I was on option 1 not 3)

Evening calls charged for

I complained, took me almost 14 days of e-mails and 2 hours but I got it sorted, so I bit the bullet, borrowed money and paid the 3 months up front. This on the promise that it would go to monthly billing and be refunded the call/BB charges.

Second Bill

They got me on unlimted broadband, YEAH!

3 Months, not 1

Evening calls charged for

PLUS A £7.50 late payment fee. 1. If you had billed monthly, payment would not be late. 2. If you had not taken so long to contact me back, payment would not have been late!

I complained, took me almost 3 hours of calls but I got it sorted, so I bit the bullet, AGAIN I borrowed money and paid the 3 months up front. This on the promise that it would go to monthly billing and I would be refunded the call/late payment charges.

They cut me off for a day in the middle of our discussions to flex their muscles!


Third (current bill)

Oh! Just read above:

Still getting charged for evening calls, still getting billed 3 monthly, still getting charged late payments and add to that a reconnection charge. So another 3 hours talking to so crib sheet reader in India and I eventually get through to the manager. He said he would give me COMPENSATION – he would refund of all charges! WHAT? That’s like me taking money out of your pocket and giving you it back, then calling it a GIFT!

 So I got that through to him and he accepted that.

Out come?

1. I will receive a newly generated monthly bill which will have all the refunds. Generated and posted that evening.   

2. I will receive a call from head office compensation management team within 24 hours.

Well that was over 96 hours ago and NOTHING.

I just checked my online bill, I have over £5 of evening calls (none of which lasted and hour) since that phone call!


By the way, I received a call from talk talk within 5 minutes of me making my complaint last Wednesday. BT India are selling our complaints off to third parties!

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Re: BT - Totally useless - 8 months STILL NO FIX!

Hi Lespearson


Sorry to read of the experience you have had. I can have this investigated for you to see what is happening for you.


Send me an email using the contact us form in my profile. You can find this form in the section 'about me'.





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Re: BT - Totally useless - 8 months STILL NO FIX!

No thanks. To me it's a lost cause. BT Durham never contacted me. I got an automated call telling me I would be restricted and or cut off. I went to 150 and once again got India. I asked her to read out the conversation I had with a manager on the 3rd of August. She said NO! Then proceeded to read it herself, but also made the mistake of reading it out loud (like you do when your a kid reading a book.) She then proceeded to tell me that the manager who said I would get a call from head office and said I would get a new 1 monthly bill generated/sent out within 24 hours had lied, as it was not possable to cancel a bill and generate a new one! I also recorded the conversation, as I have all my previous calls over the last 8 months (warning given to al at startl)


I recieved an e-mail explaining things about my FIX! The spelling was what I would expect from a five year old! It semi fixed my problems, no where near enough for my liking!


OFCOM is the way I am going!


Bt fufilling their part of our contract - Zero!

Stress! Uneccessary! Untold! Uncalled for!

Being there when OFCOM tear BT a new hole to breath through - PRICELESS!

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Re: BT - Totally useless - 8 months STILL NO FIX!

forgot to add...TALK TALK were on the the phone 10 minutes after this last complaint!....selling our numbers/problems...oh yes they are!
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