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BT Tv purchases

Good evening,


Hopefully somebody can help me out. Before Christmas last year I cancelled my contract and moved home, have since set up a new account with BT but am unable to see any of the 150 films I bought. I was told I could use the BT purchase APP to view these films but that never worked. Now I'm back back with them I would like to watch the things that I've paid for as would my kids. Any ideas anyone? I tried ringing but nobody seem's to care and help out, the help page is no use at all, you phone up and you end up on hold for 25min then the line goes dead. I'm pretty sure it's theft in a way.

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Re: BT Tv purchases

The purchases app is no more, it's just the normal BTTV app now, that will show your previous purchases.
Getting an old account linked to a new one isn't possible, once you stop subscribing that's it, re-joining down the road won't allow you to move content from a closed account to a new one.

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Re: BT Tv purchases

Then that is a bit **bleep**, all that money spent on something that is floating around somewhere and I cant get any of it. 😞

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Re: BT Tv purchases

What happened/happens when you use the Ios or Android BT TV app loging in with  the BT ID that you had for the now closed account that  was in use when you purchased the content ?

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Re: BT Tv purchases

For some reason it doesn't know who I am. Very frustrating

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