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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

@Starwire2000 wrote:
‘I don’t claim to be a guru, but i imagine that even if OpenReach stipulates this guarantee, it’s BT who implement this with their customers, i.e.,

I am a BT account holder (not OpenReach),
My contract is with BT (not OpenReach),
If I have issues, I contact BT (not OpenReach).‘

The “Guarantee” that it’ll never drop below 100mbps has nothing to do with Openreach, they’ve given no such promises or guarantees to any ISP.

The guarantee is BT and BT’s alone.

Really? Would Openreach be happy if you installed G.Fast and the attainable rate was less than 100Mb?

It's about time Openreach updated areas of their site as well.


2018-04-01 21_19_59-Ultrafast Fibre Access.png

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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband


I do love all these expressions superfast ultrafast. 

Last year I was on a train in Tokyo, the free wifi was provided was faster than anything I have experienced....

... and it didnt drop out... during an earthquake

Maybe they should market that.... 

"Tokyo WiFi ultrafast, and Earthquake proof" 

Kind Regards
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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

A list of exchanges due to go live with G.FAST (with approx. dates) would be nice, just to give people some idea as to when they can expect the service to start in their area. Lots of G.FAST pods are appearing all around the country, but some people are reporting that they're still not live even after 6 months.

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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

Yes this is a great idea, have also asked this question, still waiting an answer...

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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

I switched to Ultrafast about a month ago, but am still awaiting my Ultrafast Hub. I currently have a BTHub6. So I seem to be getting the right speed through to my PC via the ethernet cable.  But am I missing out on speed via WiFi to my mobile devices in the home? i.e. what is the difference between an Ultrafast Hub and a BTHub6? (apart from the fact that the speed guarantee requires the use of the Ultrafast Hub).

And are the Ultrafast Hubs likely to be available anytime soon?


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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

I received an Ultrafast 2 hub about 6 weeks ago, when an engineer came to change the master socket and switch me over. Turns out that half way through he detected I was 370~ metres from the cabinet, and BT had a hard stop of 300 metres from the cabinet for Ultrafast installs. He went away insisting I kep the router - so now I have an ultrafast 2 router kicking around doing nothing...

Anyone know if the 300 metre cap is still in place, and if so when it's likely to be extended out? BT constantly sending me stuff through email and the post, saying "Upgrade to Ultrafast 2 today!"... if

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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

G.Fast will not be extended out as it's pure physics. Just as VDSL cannot deliver speeds over the same distance as ADSL so G.Fast is limited.

350mts should get you G.Fast though so I can't understand what happened.

Ultrafast is dealt with by the FTTP team so contact them on 0800 587 4787 unfortunately the mods here can't help you.

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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

 how far away from your street pcp cabinet (not the fibre cabinet)? These stats on look pretty good.
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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband

Interesting article but could you advise why I have to pay 50% more for the service as a customer that has been with BT for 20+ years as opposed to a new customer?

If there is no loyalty from the vendor surely the loyalty of the customer will cease and churn will rise?

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Re: BT Ultrafast fibre broadband


Kelly Comms. engineers have been connecting up the G.FAST side pods in my area recently (Grays. Essex.), however there is still no availability according to BT. How long after commisioning do these boxes tend to go live?

My cab was upgraded to have the GFast pod add-on back in February.  Ultrafast became available towards the end of April.

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