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BT Upgrade Offer

Bit of a misleading offer here, see below, first I am given an offer to get the new HALO 3 for £1 pm extra then after thinking I might go for that went to add and low and behold not £1 but £4 which as far as I can see gives me no extra benefits to my current Halo 1 package. 


Am I missing something (maybe a brain cell or 2). Don't need "Home experts!!!", got price promise, got connected promise and double data on my mobile phones all on Halo 1. 

For those that will say if you don't need "Home experts" don't upgrade, yes I know, just what I'm saying is it's a bit misleading price wise (£1 to £4) and an extra £10 for the Halo 3+ is way over the top. I have a ee mobile contract for £10 with 25G data pm, which I can use in an emergency and with the added bonus of being able to take it with me when I travel for work and pleasure.

I prepare to be flamed now.........

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