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BT Verve 410 2 Pack - Caller Display

My land line numbers are witheld, so I insert 1470 before callers I wish to identify with. When I am called by them, their name does not appear on Caller Display, only their STD code. If I omit 1470 before their number, then their name appears. My previous phone, a BT Studio 4100 always showed the callers name, even when prefixed by 1470. I contacted 0800 218 2182 (Phone Helpdesk) who said it must be a line fault. I rang 0800 800 150, who checked the line and reported no fault, they said it was a faulty phone.


These phones were purchased just under one week ago.


Could there be a problem with the software within the phone or are BT Verve phones unable to display Caller ID names listed in phonebook if prefixed by 1470?

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Re: BT Verve 410 2 Pack - Caller Display

All help requested with BT either via helpline 0800 218 2182 (for instrument), 0800 150 150 for land line and by e-mail complaint has been met with negativity and by various degrees of dismissal.

  • The first helpline (Agents for BT, blame the Caller Display  service offered by BT)
  • The second helpline, problems and service complaints blame the instrument and were very difficult to understand and told me to have the Braodband checked?

It justs keeps going around in circles. I state again my problem, my land line number is with held and I insert 1470 in front of all callers I want to let them know who I am. When callers ring me back their name is not taken from my phonebook on the BT Verve, only their number. On my previous phone and on other BT phones  I know friends have such as BT Synergy 6500 and Hudson, this feature works. If 1470 does not prefix the number, then the name appears from my Phonebook.


All I want to know is if I have a faulty phone or the feature is not available on the BT Verve? I would have thought that the phone manufacturer would know? Apparently not!

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Re: BT Verve 410 2 Pack - Caller Display

I take it you have these numbers stored in your phone with the 1470 stored also?


This may just be a software fault, like you seem to have tried, not storing the 1470 with the number and it works. You may find that there is no other fix than a different make and model of phone.


Check your exchange or major service outages

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