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BT Virus Protect

I have recently switched to BT mobile (from Virgin) but had Virus Protect on my now unused Samsung because I have BT Internet and Landline.  I now have a Moto G7 Power but transferred the number from the Samsung to the Moto. I cannot find any means of deleting the Samsung from the list of protected devices, so cannot install Virus Protect it on my new phone. GRRRRRR.

I keep looking at all the "manage your extras" links, but all they do is tell me how to buy 15 Licences, not use the spare I already have, but which I cannot use. The pages keep telling me I have no available licences!

The 150 service is unable to assist. Can anyone offer any advice?


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Re: BT Virus Protect

Hi @RoyGibbs welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Here's how to manage your licences


  • Once you've logged into My BT, scroll down and click on the Manage your extras button

    Click Manage your extras button

  • Click on the "BT Virus Protect" icon under the "Your smarter broadband extras" section

    Click BT Virus Protect

  • Click on the "Manage BT Virus Protect" link within the "BT Virus Protect" section 

    Click Manage BT Virus Protect link

  • Click the tab showing the computer/device you want to deselect. Each licence will have a tab

    Select computer

    1. Click Deactivate. By deactivating you're freeing up a licence so that you can install BT Virus Protect on a new PC or Mac

      Click deactivate


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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    Manage Your Extras is missing On My BT
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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    I have the same issue - I've gone round and round in circles on the My BT page and I can't find any reference to "extras".

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    Re: BT Virus Protect


    Your Security (underneath the word Sport on the blue toolbar)

    BT Virus Protect -> Manage

    Subscriptions (Top right below the BT logo)

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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    I've tried that but it still doesn't download the second application and the information still shows I have one of two to download,

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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    That's where you manage it. You should be able to delete the one you no longer want from there or from one of the linked pages

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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    I have tried everything you have suggested but My BT keeps telling me that I only have one licence out of two in use and that I only have one pc protected.

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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    That's the first time you've mentioned only having two licences, that's quite a big omission as it makes a considerable difference. I took your initial post to read that you were using 14 out of the allowed 15 licences.

    I suspect that the licence code that you used when you first installed it only allows you two devices and, if I'm right, there's not a lot that you or this forum can do to help you.

    Just have to hope that @NeilO  or one of the other mods offers help

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    Re: BT Virus Protect

    V_Meldrew thank you - found it now.  It didn't help that the relevant Help pages are out-of-date; hopefully BT will get around to updating them to relate to the My BT web pages as they are now rather than the old ones.  (I did leave a comment on one of them.)

    Kind regards,