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BT Virus protect installed, DID NOT PROTECT MY COMPUTER now ongoing problem

I have Bt virus protect installed on my pc and use the macfee site advisor and yet the other day i opened an email which put a virus into my system. Despte 3 full system scans this anti-virus product did not pick it up. It then stopped me from gaining access to the internet with a small atomic bomb type mushroom cloud appearing at the bottom right hand corner of my taskbar everytime i opened a browser it immediately crashed and closed. I had no control.

I eventually using my spare pc downloaded another anti-virus program 'RKILL' which doesn't neutrilise the threat but merely only pulls it out from where it is hiding so exisitng software can pick it up i transferred this program to the infected pc, it worked, bt virus protect then said it had neutrilised the threat and that it had been quarantined and asked me to restart the pc so i did. After restarting it did not fix it, the virus was back.

I had no other choice but to reset my pc back to factory settings. At first the virus wasn't letting me do this either but i ran RKILL again and i eventually managed to accomplish this. However i lost all my files.


I am now up and running again though tonight i experienced something i thought i wouldn't see again, although there is no atomic cloud appearing and i am accessing the internet no problem, i am fearful this virus is still infecting my pc. I have ran scans but again still nothing. The reason why i think this is the case is i've just been browsing and another tab opened with the address in the bar changing twice a second. The macfee webadvisor eventually stopped it from happening but not till at least 10 seconds had passed, i did try to close this tab but it wouldn't work. 


I have installed True Key also, have changed all my settings, email address's passwords the lot but i am still worried my computer is being watched remotely. I have also turned on windows defender periodic scanning on to work alonside bt virus protect.


I am hoping there be an expert on here that can advise please? Any other information needed please just reply. 


When the original virus infected my system it opened command prompt and immediately said system 32 100% copied and the title of the file that kept appearing was perfstringbackup.tmp

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Re: BT Virus protect installed, DID NOT PROTECT MY COMPUTER now ongoing problem

It sounds more like malware that you have on your computer rather than a virus. You should install and run the free programs ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes and delete anything they find. You will find both these programs with by doing an Internet search.


Once you have run them I would restart the computer in safe mode and run them again and also run your antivirus program again.



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