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BT Vision Player on YouView


I'm a newbie to BT and the community so Hi & my name is George.  Smiley Happy

I have a YouView box from which I obtained before moving to BT Broadband, and it now has the BT Vision Player app on the menu. When I open the app it plays me a little video about the player and content it offers and says to visit and sign up for free to start using the player either with the pay as you go service or the pay monthly unlimited package.

I would really like to sign up to the pay as you go service as it sounds just fine for what we would need with just the occasional viewing, however when I then click to sign up it informs me that my 'line speed is currently too slow to support BT Vision' and that's that.

My current speed sits at just over 3.5Mbps.

Does anyone know the minimum speed I would need to be able to sign up to the Vision Player?

We can watch all the other on demand apps fine with buffering only occurring on 4OD after the ad-breaks!

Any help or advice would be great, thank you Smiley Tongue

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Re: BT Vision Player on YouView

3.5Mbps wouldn't be quick enough for the HD content for sure. How are you connected between your hub and YouView box? If it's with an ethernet cable straight to the hub then it'll be going as quick as it can,  if you're using powerlines it may not be going as quick.  When you use BT Vision, a certain amount of bandwidth is allocated for vision to ensure it works and the rest is left for other devices.


It may be that 3.5Mbps would let you stream OK but there's be nothing left for anything else.  This is why your other on demand services work fine as they don't use the assured rate but just use all the bandwidth they can get their hands on.

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Re: BT Vision Player on YouView

Thanks for your reply, 🙂

Yeah I'm totally not fussed about the HD content and that's really why I want to join the pay as you go service as there is no monthly charge, and free to set up, and would just be paying for what I used, even if there was some buffering I wouldn't mind 😛

Yes our YouView box is connected just across the room to our hub via Ethernet, and the only other device is our desktop which is connected to WiFi.

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