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BT Web Mail - "Keep me signed in"

Having just gone through the episode of having to keep changing my password just to sign in to BT Web Mail I would like to know what exactly does ticking the "keep me signed in" box mean?

I signed in this morning using the umpteenth password I have created this week. I ticked the "keep me signed in box" but an hour later I came back to my PC to see I had the box that said your session is over, or words to that effect. I clicked on it and got signed out. 

At least I didn't need to create a new password this time. Maybe I should be grateful for that.

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Re: BT Web Mail - "Keep me signed in"

IF you don't tick the box, your password should be fine, but you need to sign in every time you start a new web session.

If you tick the box, it re-displays the sign on screen and says userd id/passord is invalid - but it isn't!

I was advised by BT email Tech Team 7th May that the "keep me signed in" function on web browsers has been removed, about 2 weeks ago, BUT they haven't removed the box from the sign on screen. The first line BT support did not know this. (They believed we customers has been sent an email about it - I don't recall this, but it could have been buried in some marketing stuff)

They assured me they will pass on the feedback that this is confusing and annoying and the box needs to be removed asap... 


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Re: BT Web Mail - "Keep me signed in"

Thanks for that Dave. 

Does that mean the next time I am presented with blue box saying your session is over, or similar I won't get signed out? Whenever I clicked the box before the goings on this week I didn't get signed out.

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Re: BT Web Mail - "Keep me signed in"

You will need to sign in again, but you will not need to change your password.

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Re: BT Web Mail - "Keep me signed in"

What's changed then? I didn't need to sign in umpteen times a day before the last few days goings on. 

Is there a standard time when you will be signed out after not using the web mail?.   

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Re: BT Web Mail - "Keep me signed in"

I just came back to my laptop and I had the "your session is over" on the screen again. This time I clicked on it and I went back to the email page. No having to sign in again. Long may it last.

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