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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

Hi Medwds

Many thanks for a very clear and concise explanation.    I'd just about given up understanding other post but you have made my day ( and no doubt others).  Much appreciated. 

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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

Thanks medwds, a great explanation.

BT email for warning ‘Not Secure’.

Since making this note I have read the excellent medwds explanation.

Re the Not Secure problem on BT email. I may not be typical but I only use the internet for research into politics/science/general-info and for email. No Facebook, Instagram, Netflix etc. So when such incidents occur I do find that this leads to much time wasted.

However, I now know that when I connect via Chrome to BT email the Not Secure message appears because some or all of the information transmitted is via a network that is not secure. (http and not https)

Also, I now know that when using BT email connected via Windows Explorer 11, and when on opening an email the security padlock vanishes, the email has been sent over an un-secure network.

When I open via Chrome the same email using a Yahoo email account, as far as I can see there is no apparent change in the level of security shown, i.e. no light bulb apparently. (Reason now explained by medwds.)

Presumably this security threat has always been present and it is not until recently that users such as myself have been made aware of the problem. However, this has illustrated a paradox. When I purchase a broadband service from BT this includes email which is ‘strong and secure’. However, when BT sends me an email it includes graphics that can be hacked!

I assume that BT keeps an eye on these pages. Therefore for BT: I have received emails asking me to pay my TV license (free for over 75’s until now) with links to make the payment. The BBC will be mailing requests for payment by post not email. Can BT please intercept these emails otherwise a lot of the elderly are likely to loose money.

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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

Yes I am having exact same problem, Have tried everything but still happening. Only recently started happening.
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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

Have you read all this thread. It tells you why it happens.

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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

I think i will change my email provider. Do not feel safe with Not Secure notice.
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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

@njh-78 wrote:
I think i will change my email provider. Do not feel safe with Not Secure notice.

So you'd rather not know!!

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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

There doesn't seem anything you can do about it, if you keep getting these 'Not Secure' messages, so doesn't matter if you know or not.
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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

You can check by clicking on the message and see what is not secure, ie is it an image or the certificate etc and then make an informed decision whether or not you wish to continue accessing and or replying to the email. 

You could of course just ignore it regardless of the message or use an email service that does not warn you that something to do with the email is not secure and be totally oblivious to any problem that might be  befall you.

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Re: BT Webmail: "Email Not Secure"

I sent a message today about 'not secure' messages, and got a reply which directed me to this post. From one newbie to another, many thanks for taking the time and  giving a full explanation. Much appreciated!

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