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BT Whole Home: Network resources disappear/reappear



I've recently setup the Whole Home wi-fi equipment and while the signal strength and internet speed is very good, I'm seeing some strange problems with network resources disappearing off the network and then randomly re-appearing. If I restart the disks then everything works...but only for a few hours.


For example when I look at my printers it says they are sometimes offline when they're not and when I try to print then it can take several minutes to find the printer. My NAS has also disappeared so I can't reliably connect to that either. If I switch back to my old Wi-Fi access point then everything works fine.


Anyone else noticing this? Possible fixes?

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Re: BT Whole Home: Network resources disappear/reappear

Welcome to this user forum. @Jonboy650


I have seen this reported before on the forum. I assume you are using a BT Home hub?


The first thing to do is to reset the home hub to factory default which will clear out any invalid ARP table entries.


See if that helps.


There is a long thread relating to this device here


Look specifically at the issues that Extankerman posted about.


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Re: BT Whole Home: Network resources disappear/reappear

Hmm...the "solution" on that thread was to put them back in the box and return. I was hoping for a better outcome!


I'm using this with a Draytek router and if I switch off the whole home disks and revert to the old access point then all is well - so it's definitely not a router problem. 


The range and internet speed of the BT disks seems very good, but if I can't reliably connect to LAN resources then it solves one problem and creates another. Just hoping a firmware update might improve matters although I can't find much info on firmware releases either! 

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