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BT Whole Home Premium

I have had BT Whole Home Premium for a few months now.  It’s pretty good coverage wise etc but why oh why does the APP keep telling me I’m not connected when I am.  This is via tablet or smartphone, one android one iOS.  I’ve seen other people having same issue who are advised turn discs off in sequence wait a couple of minutes then turn them all back on again.  This is happening to me every week...simply not acceptable to be told to reboot every week on kit costing around £300.  Why can’t the east just work as intended.  Anyone have any ideas.

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Re: BT Whole Home Premium

I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an answer. Nothing clears the room quicker than asking when an issue with Whole Home Premium is going to be fixed !

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Re: BT Whole Home Premium

I can confirm this as well. Unfortunately BT DO NOT CARE about customers who have purchased their PREMIUM product.
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Re: BT Whole Home Premium

So no one from BT coming on to advise?  Yet again my app telling I'm not connected when patently I am.  Are BT going to fix this anytime soon?  Do they even acknowledge that there is an issue?  Shocking service BT....Beyond Limits?      Yeah right.....  Beyond Belief more like

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Re: BT Whole Home Premium


This is only a customer to customer forum, which is moderated by BT. There are a few BT device expert who do monitor this thread during their own time, but the primary support is via the product helpdesk.

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Re: BT Whole Home Premium

@Keith_Beddoe This is the primary mechanism that BT use to engage with the userbase about firmware upgrades and customer feedback. I find any attempt to justify BT’s behaviour in this forum and around this product astounding. I have reported myriad problems via the support desk - some as long ago as March and am still awaiting fixes so to the OP I would recommend you go that route as well but please do feedback here how you get on.

My prediction will be a claim it will all be fixed in a future firmware release.
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Re: BT Whole Home Premium


I am just a customer, and not trying to justify anything. As with most BT badged products, some support is available via this forum, but I would not see it as a primary support route, any more than it would be with other BT badged products, like phones, which is why there is a dedicated helpdesk for each product.

I think the problem with this product, is that its intended for customers of all ISPs, and there is likely to be some compatibility issues with some ISP provided routers.

All I can suggest is that people keep raising issues, in the hope that one day they may be resolved. Its a very expensive product compared with other offerings, so I can understand why people are unhappy.

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Re: BT Whole Home Premium

@Keith_Beddoe  Apologies Keith.  Points well made.  The frustration is that BT seem to dip and out when suits.  Whilst some problems are ISP based, mine aren’t.  Simple settings not being preserved over a reboot; Ethernet backhaul not working; general system instability requiring regular system reboots and occasional factory resets.

BT team lead Dan has confirmed many of these problems to me yet I still await fixes, 8 months later.

The system is expensive and its lack of support for WiFi6 makes it increasingly unattractive as a premium product.  It may well be that BT are cutting their losses and we may never see fixes.  In the firmware thread, Dan has mentioned (promised?) a major firmware upgrade by end 2020 but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m feeling increasingly stupid and ripped-off for having bought this product.  It’s targetted at the (UK) market (only?)  and I think products from major manufacturers like Asus, Netgear, Linksys, TPlink etc have better quality assurance and better support.  Other niche manufacturers offer a more attractive price point.

Dan also said he reads all these posts.  Dan, how about a public statement ?

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Re: BT Whole Home Premium


Well I looked at a mesh system to replace my Comtrend powerline adapters and wireless access point.

I the end I opted for the Tenda Nova MW3, which costs less than £100 for four nodes. Its been fine, with all my wireless and Ethernet devices connected. The app is reasonable, but provides all of the basic information needed, without extras like signal levels, which to most people would not be an issue.

All you can do is to hope that one of the devices team, who possibly may be part of the helpdesk. can eventually solve the issues.

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