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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi 1.02.04 build 10 network password rules have changed

Another clanger with the 1.02.04 build 10 firmware update.

They have changed the rules on what you can enter for the Wi-Fi network password.

I think previously you had to enter at least 8 characters but now you have to enter at least one capital letter or one number.

I had a very long (35 character) password that was all lower case which it will not now accept (I factory reset after having the dropout and reset problems after upgrading to this firmware as advised on some of the forums).

This means I have to enter a different password and change ALL my wi-fi devices to use that new password - thanks a bunch BT!

I can imagine the meeting - ooh we allow users to enter anything, we must force them to use something more secure. Obviously nobody pointed out that this might effect existing networks! And then they decide that to be more secure you need to enter a capital letter or number without even thinking about length i.e. my 35 character lower case password has a hell of a lot more entropy than an 8 character password with one capital letter.

Really annoyed - who are these people that make these stupid decisions.

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