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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

Im about to move in a brand new 3 story house and the internet cables are from open reach. I have found the new infinity 4 -FTTP/H- Upto 300MB. Im currently on virgin media 300MB so its a no brainer to move to BT as the cables are hard wired into the home. My problem is there is some BT box on the wall in the front room with ethernet, phone line and plugs. This is where the router will be unfortunatly and i have allways had it in our suddy room and plugged straight into to the router with my pc. Me and my son both game on pc and as you know some games are more than 100Gb so we like the speed we have been using for downloading on steam ect. My options are pay someone to run ethernet cables through the home to floor to floor and have ethernets on all the upstairs orr try the Bt Whole Home WiFi. Does anyone know the speed i would get from the home wifi ? I dont fancy paying £200 for a them when i could play a little more for ethernets to be installed throughout the house.


Regard Mark

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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

I think i will phone the site agent and try and get a price for them to wire in some etherrnet ports to the rooms, i think this is the way to go
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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

the propert is a timber frame so there is no way of adding the extra ethernet cables, looks like i will have to try the bt home wifi. Anyone wanna do a speed test and show what they get to what they pay for ?

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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

If you're close to a disc (or wired to a disc) you can get a connection speed to the disc of around 1Gbps.  The question then is how good your backhaul speed is to the main disc and then to the router.  You've got a timber-frame house, which is good (my house is brick internal walls and big oak beams which is less good) so there's no reason why the backhaul speed shouldn't be similar...although you'll be splitting the bandwidth between connection and backhaul so let's call it 500Mbps.  If you're daisy-chaining (rather than all discs connecting directly to the main disc) then this will be repeated at each link.  However, the net effect is that if you have enough discs, and they're all close enough to each other, then your wi-fi speed will probably be greater than your broadband speed.  You just need to experiment to get the best disc placement, and I found for my house that 3 discs weren't enough so I went the whole hog and bought 6.  And having wired internet connections to a disc rather than wi-fi means you're not sharing the bandwidth between wi-fi connection and wi-fi backhaul.

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