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BT Whole Home Wifi - How to factory reset?



Im struggling to reset my devices to factory settings.


There is a 'reset' option on the web interface which only reboots the disks.


There is a little hole on the back of the discs which I press, lights flash and then turn red. When I power down and back on it seem to be have retained all the setting and still broadcasts my SSID.


Is there a particuar method to resetting these devices. I can find nothing in the FAQ's.


Any help gratefully received.

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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - How to factory reset?

According to the How can I reset my Whole Home Wi-Fi to the default settings? you're doing the right thing. Have you tried disconnecting the Ethernet connection and then resetting all three discs at the same time?



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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - How to factory reset?

Great thanks.

Not sure why I didnt find that page before. Interestingly I powered my devices up one at a time to reset them.

The link you provided suggests they should be powered on - perhaps pressing reset on only one of the devices resets the collective.

I'll give it another go with all devices connected and powered up.

Thanks for your help smf22
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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - How to factory reset?

I have experienced the same problem. Simply pressing the reset button on the main (ethernet connected) discs does NOT reset all of them. Even pressing reset on each individual disc gave me discs that somehow broadcasted my old SSID...


What worked (partly) for me was to press the reset button on a disc and press it again if it was solid purple. I did that for each disc and started to setup the network again. Tho, after a few days I have ned up with only the main disc showing as working (blue) in the app but all other discs are red in the app but still working.


This is my 3rd BT HH6 and 3rd BT WH WiFi kit and I soooooo want it to work!

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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - How to factory reset?

I hate to say it, but the Whole home wifi will only become stable if you use it with a third party router.


The BT Whole Home system relies on the features of the router to control access and provide DHCP services. As the Smart Hub 6 is so inadequate it will be causing your Whole home wifi to become unreliable and unstable.


I would sugget the root of the problem is the Smart Hub, although BT will never seem to admit that.