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BT Whole Home and Switch

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I've just installed BT Whole Home.  My BT Homehub and Whole Home disk are connected via ethernet.

I need to connect a Sonos and Hive to the system via ethernet.  These need to be located in the same room as the Home Hub, so that they are close to the speakers/thermostats with which they communicate.  But I've no ethernet ports left on the Whole Home disk.

I've tried connecting the Homehub and Whole Home via a switch but that didn't seem to work.  If I leave the Sonos and Hive plugged into the Homehub then they remain on the Homehub network and I then lose the ability to control them from phones etc. connected to the (different) Whole Home network.  I guess this is the problem with the switch as well - the poor old Sonos and Hive don't know on which network they belong.

Can anybody advise how I can connect a HomeHub, Whole Home, Sonos Hub and Hive Hub with or without a switch?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: BT Whole Home and Switch

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Hi @ajtoft, I don't know specifically about Sonos and Hive, but Whole Home Wi-Fi doesn't - by default - create a new network. All devices behind the discs are part of the same IP network as your Home Hub (the discs act as bridges, not routers).

For example, I have a media server on a PC plugged into the back of my hub which I can access from a smartphone connected to Whole Home Wi-Fi. That works out of the box.

You mention a switch; are you able to plug your whole home wi-fi disc directly into your hub; not via the switch? This is just to eliminate the switch as an issue.


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Re: BT Whole Home and Switch

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Hi @BrunoN

Thanks for your reply; it gave me the confidence to try again.  I'm delighted to find that the devices plugged into my Home Hub are all accessible via the Whole Home wifi network.

Even the PC that is connected to the Home Hub via Powerline can print to the printer which is on the wifi network.

I've no idea why it didn't work the first time.  Maybe a dodgy cable somewhere.

Thanks again!


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