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BT Whole Home - interesting problem

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I've had Whole Home running successfully for several months -  five discs covering a large area.  Due to decorating and DIY work I disconnected the system for a week and moved the discs away.

I reinstalled the network after resetting all the disks to factory defaults.  Followed the correct procedures, and had the five disks working as before, in slightly different locations.

The network now shows correctly on the Android and Windows apps. All the discs are visible on the network. 

It all looks good - except! - only devices connected to the master disk wired to the router can see the internet. Devices connected to the other discs can see the internal network via the router, but not the outside world.

What is going on here? 



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Re: BT Whole Home - interesting problem

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It seems that I hadn't fully defaulted the remote disks. I found that it was necessary to hold the reset buttons down for more than 30 seconds. If I held the button down for about 35 seconds the purple light flicked off momentarily and that was the indication that it was properly back at the factory settings. Then it would reconnect properly.


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