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BT WholeHome Wifi - Brought down entire (wired) network!

So last night at 9.29pm, our entire wired network went down. We have 4 discs all connected via ethernet to the network (for the backhaul), all with fixed IP addresses.

After 4 hours of troubleshooting tonight, concluding that either our master switch or router had developed a fault, I decided to unplug the 3 discs from ethernet (as they had seemingly disconnected due to the wired network going down) so that at least we had robust wifi around the house.

Immediately on unplugging the third disc, the entire wired network came back to life - CCTV, alarm system, Sky etc and is now working flawlessly again. It would seem that whatever happened to that disc caused it to bring down the entire network which is a major concern.

Having restarted the WholeHome network (without ethernet connections), everything seems to be working fine again. Has anyone else experienced such an occurrence and does anyone have ideas to what on earth might have happened?



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Re: BT WholeHome Wifi - Brought down entire (wired) network!

I would suspect that somehow you have accidentally created an Ethernet loop, perhaps the last disc had created a link to one of the others?

That would take the whole network down.

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Re: BT WholeHome Wifi - Brought down entire (wired) network!

I wasn't aware that could even happen or indeed why! It's been working for the last 3 months without any issues.

What's the likelihood of it happening again if I reconnect the discs via ethernet? It was a stressful 4 hours 🥺

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