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BT WholeHome Wifi - Disc Connection Query


We have 4 (white) discs which all seem to be working fine and all connected via ethernet (Disc 1 directly to the router). They all show up in the app as working and having an "Excellent Connection".

What I don't understand is why devices don't connect to the nearest disc which would clearly have a stronger signal. My Moto G7 phone persists in connecting to a disc in a completely different part of the house, even though it is less than 1m away from another disc.

I thought the whole point of the system was to always ensure the best connection by dynamically connecting a device to the best signal and also minimising traffic to any one disc. I currently have 7 devices all within 2m of a disc connecting to a disc over 10m away! The said disc is working as 2 devices have connected to it.

It's a bit confusing but I an guessing it's nothing we have any control over?


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Re: BT WholeHome Wifi - Disc Connection Query

I have wondered that for some time.
have you turned the disc off it is connected to and has it reconnected to another disc and stayed on that one?
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