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BT Wholehome WiFi App First discovery attempt failed, will retry

I have connected up the Wholehome Wifi to my router, from Vodafone, and the first AP LED goes blue OK. 

I linked up as instructed in the app, and it connects and has the three colour balls, but then a pop-up error message titled "First discovery attempt failed, will retry" and the subtext of "Please double check the power and ethernet connections to your router, and check your router is on and working. Make sure the wi-fi on this phone / device is swithced on.  Error code: Setup-016" appears and I can not move past it in the app.

I have a Google Pixel 4.  I have checked the wifi settings, and it is connected to the BTWholeHome.  I have also taken the remaining two units, and powered them up.  They both went through set-up OK, and are solid blue.  I have connected a gaming PC on first floor of our home, about 10 metres from the main router where wifi has been poor.  There is now has the third AP in this room, and connection is achieving 30Mbps download and 15Mbps upload.

I have connected multiple devices and they are connected OK and fully operational with good strong wifi.

I have uninstalled the app, and reinstalled.  I have then installed the BETA version.  I still get the same message.

All discs are operating and providing Wifi. 

Is there a work around for the app so I can get fullest use from it?

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Re: BT Wholehome WiFi App First discovery attempt failed, will retryf

You need to phone the product helpdesk as you are not a btbroadband customer


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