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BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test - MacBook users

Why is it that the speedtest preamble still insists on an ethernet connection to the network rather than accepting wireless? 


Before beginning the test, please ensure:

1. Your computer is plugged into the broadband line to be tested. This tester may not work on iPads/Tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. 
2. Your computer is directly connected to your modem/router via an Ethernet Connection (i.e. not via a wireless or powerline adapters). 
3. Any wireless adapter in your computer is switched off. 
4. Close any programs that may be running on your computer. This includes any background programs such as anti-virus software, corporate VPNs, peer2peer clients etc. (Please ensure you re-enable any anti-virus software after you have finished testing). 
5. Reboot your modem/router by powering it off, waiting one minute, and then powering it up again. Wait for any lights on the router to stabilise before starting the test. 
6. Restart your browser. 
7. Ensure no other people or devices (e.g. broadband-connected TV set-top boxes) are using the broadband line to be tested. 
8. Please note, it can take up to 10 days for your broadband line to train up to its full speed. So bear in mind that any speed test during this period may not reflect the true long-term speed of your broadband. 

Please confirm that you have carried out the above steps. The speed test may report inaccurate results by failure to comply with the above steps. 


All MacBooks these days come WITHOUT an ethernet connection unless you purchase an adapter for your device which is a) expensive and b) unnecessary in normal use.

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Re: BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test - MacBook users

Because wifi is susceptible to interference and many other factors that can cause the speedtester to report a very low speed and therefore reports it as a fault condition. This is the same with powerline adapters, which don't provide full throughput.

Ethernet connections directly to the router eliminate all of these factors and allow the speedtester to report a more accurate view of the speed you are getting.
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Re: BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test - MacBook users

I agree with the direct connection and interference, but the fact remains that many computers no longer have an ethernet connection and indeed neither do tablets.


It is therefore difficult for someone to run the test unless they indicate they have completed all of the tasks, AKA lied or at least told a wee fib.


Mind you I run the speedtest several times a day and I certainly would not also restart the HomeHub every time.


Its really about time that BT came into the real world of computing rather than forcing people to do things that they are unable to.


In any case although there could be interference it depends on the channel/band in use, I use 5Ghz and no one else in the area is doing so.  Also the connectivity between HomeHub and the computer exceeds the download speed and so there should be little difference.

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Re: BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test - MacBook users

there are many sources of interference not just other routers they include smart meters wireless central heating controls baby monitors plus many more and these devices are not visible with programmes like inssider istumbler etc
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Re: BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test - MacBook users

remember the Wholesale speed test is not just used by BT but every other ISP who use the Wholesale infrastructure which is the majority of providers
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