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BT WiFi Status Not Active

Your kind Help and Suggestions would be appreciated.

I've been with BT since end of April 2016. My router is still not transmitting BT WiFi signal yet.
I've spoken with many BT help desk personnel then with BT WiFi tech support team. This is my second router as first one was making creepy noise during download. This is my second land-line number as first one was ex B&B's so had too many wrong number calls.
My BTWiFi account is working fine and my BT Broadband is superb.
I've raised service complaint at end of August regarding BT WiFi Status and its still ongoing.
The WiFi tech support team says: I got very rare problem, my account has an unknown issue, my hub is not holding BT WiFi ip address that their server pushes out. Changing router will not help, its is NOT possible to reset /delete account in order to start fresh new one.
I'm on 45GB limit (Infinity 1 package), my usage has been 4.5GB to 49GB. Gone over once so far.
Help of any sort would be very helpful.
Thank you all.
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Re: BT WiFi Status Not Active

Hi Magar,


Welcome to the forums! I don't have any special knowledge here, but the advise you've been given doesn't sound right to me. Either the problem will be related to your account not being configured to broadcast the public BT Wi-Fi hotspots on hubs connected to it (in which case BT should be able to fix this) or there's a hardware problem with your hub (in which case a new hub would fix this).


If you're keen on getting the public Wi-Fi broadcasting from your router (and I think this is very public-spirited of you!) then my advise would be to get in touch with one of the forum mods and asking them to look into why it's not working for you.




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Re: BT WiFi Status Not Active

Thanks very much, I'll contact BTWiFi tech support team and request for clearer reason for the issue soon.
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