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BT Wifi Android

I have been a BT customer since mid april of this year. I have suffered badly re Slow speed and the Home Hub 3 drop out issues.  I also have a sony Experia J mobile telephone with EE, however I thought that it might be helpful if I signed into BT Wifi /FON and downloaded the App. I thought to myself that this would have been easy.......


Over a week later and numerous calls to the Bt Wifi people I am still no closer to resolving the matter. I attempted to sign in on the Wifi section, but my details were not accepted. I downloaded the App from Android Market, and continually received a mesage telling me that it could not log me in , and to try re starting the App. I must have completed this action some 20 or so times. Hacked off, you bet I am. Cheesed off with bet I am.

Only God knows how many staff on the Wifi section I have spoken to....


Why did i leave Plusnet??????



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Re: BT Wifi Android

you dont need the app to use btwifi.  if you scan for networs on your mobile and when you find btwifi ssid then try connecting.  you need to use the primary btinternet email address and password and it is case sensitive. remember you are signing is as a bt broadband customer

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Re: BT Wifi Android

Thats very interesting, and may I say thankyou for advising me of this. I do however find it extremely worrying that I telephoned the freephone telephone number provided by BT, and spoke to a number of different Wifi experts, none of whom advised me to carry out this course of action. 

Most told me to Sign in to BT and go to BT Wifi Fon/ Bt Openzone/world and then download the Android App. So confused, but i will give your message a try. 🙂

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Re: BT Wifi Android

Note what imj says about using your Primary [ie account holders] email address and password to sign in using the appBTW.............

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