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BT Wifi App problem

A few weeks ago, I installed the BT Wifi app on my phone (Motorola Moto E running Andriod 6.0). The app works perfectly when I am out and about and am easily able to connect to BT wifi hotspots and FON connections. The problem is when I am home and connected to my BT Home Hub 4. My phone continually flip flops between direct wifi connection to the hub, and connection with the FON connection, this happens every couple of minutes, with the associated disconnects as it changes over. This happens when I am no more than 5 metres from the hub with excellent signal strength. Other devices (laptop, other phones, tablet, NowTV box) easily connect to the hub, and stay connected. My phone also connects easily, and stays connected, to my broadband in another room where I have a wifi repeater. I have chatted on line with the BT "helpdesk" but they asked all sorts of questions but were uanble to fix the issue !! I have reset the Home Hub, have reinstalled the app, and have "forgotten" and reconnected the connection on my phone.....all to no avail. I also have the box marked "Automatically connect with my home hub when in range" checked in the app. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.



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Re: BT Wifi App problem

I had a similar problem and I found that after having used BTWifi when out and about  I had to "forgot" the BTWifi connection from the phones list of connections so that it stayed connected to my home network and wouldn't "roam" onto BTWifi while at home. 


After having done this a couple of times the problem disappeared. I have no idea what caused it to happen or what caused it to stop but it might be worth trying.

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