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BT Wifi FON drops out as soon as I walk into my flat

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Hi everyone,

Ive been using bt wifi fon for the last 3 months without any issue.

3 days ago I found that i can no longer connect whilst in my flat. I have provided a picture of what comes up on my phone and it doesn’t progress further than this.

However, as soon as I am down on the bottom floor of the apartment it reconnects and I can use it as normal. I then go back up to my flat and literally as soon as I walk in the door it disconnects and goes back to what the picture shows. I’ve not purchased anything nor has there been work done on the roof so it can’t be that.

Any help would be appreciated 

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Re: BT Wifi FON drops out as soon as I walk into my flat

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From what you have posted you are connecting to BTWIFI/FON which is coming from a neighbours hub and not your own.  You are obviously moving out of the wireless range of the hub hence why you drop connection. It may be that whoever owns the hub has changed it's location and that is the owners choice

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