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BT ..... You are A Joke

Been a customer for over 40 years. I had a hub 3 which had speed issues and blind spots through the home, when I updated my sky to Sky Q I was out of contract so it was renewal time and wanted to swap over to Sky as I'd recently had Sky Q installed however trying to cancel, I went through hoops to even try speak to anyone that would even allow me to cancel - First thing that should have got me, but anyway I was offered a decent deal to remain a BT loyal customer and was upgraded to a hh6 which I was told would solve all my problems with speed and random dropping of speed and service throughout my whole house even by Wifi - I was promised. They promised and even gaurenteed that it would extended range and faster speed. Seemed ideal and what I wanted after having years of problems with all this and was just easier than moving everything as I'm older, so less stress! Well I thought that but now that is a different case!


The range is no better and is actually worse to the extreme if I can't actually get Wifi upstairs, or even use my Sky Q in my bedroom. It didn't all start out bad, after initially showing promise speed and yes still slow I was able to watch my Sky Q upstairs without any problems but that only lasted a small two months! So was really ideal!!
After calling BT to ask about this I was told it was all to do with Sky, so I was on the phone to Sky weekly to ask and finally everything failed so I went to Sky and they reprogrammed everything and did speed checks only to find that the speed I was getting was slower than a normal mobile on 3G! Why?
So I called BT straight away to get through to technical help and she did some checks then I was told they would call me back in 1-3 hours to give me an update, what update, she already told me from her side I was getting 60+ but even with a laptop plug in directly to the hub I was only getting 42g so not even the garenteed speed of 45g!
So I wait for her to call and say nothing they can do but wait 48 hours for more updates, why am I waiting I ask for her to say she can't do anything!
I was on the phone back and froward to customer support and I got so upset I ended up hanging up, all this stress and all I want is to have a good speed and to be able to watch my to in bed to relax, such a simple thing but not if you are with BT!

Anyway my daughter came to visit me and got on the case as she was fed up with the run around I was getting!
She got through to someone who told her that if I cancel I will be charged £360 she asked why as I wasn't getting my promised service or garentee service that I agreed to when I upgraded and resigned into a new contract, the guy was so rude to her! So the BT customer service at its best it seems!
Do they get a bonus for being rude?
She was put through to Technical help, the guy wasn't able to help so she asked to speak to his manager who has been going back and forward with her. He arranged for a engineer to come along to the house, well I wished I had not allowed him or his manager into my house! He was very rude to my son and blamed Sky and said he can't garentee (anything it seems! That was his favourite sentence! BT can't garentee anything or the speed or even a service so wonder how they are in business)
He said BT can only garentee speed is from wired from the hub but this is nit suitable and when I upgraded I told the BT advisor what I needed so said I've been mos sold then! He told me he doesn't care about that as it's nothing to do with me is it! His manger was just standing there! I'm not sure why he appeared after the engineer was at my home for about 30 minutes!?!? Did he finally realise it wasn't easy and I had things to say as a unhappy customer?!? I think so!
Anyway they went out and came back to say our line had been capped and when I asked why and when they couldn't give me any straight answer?!
So he said I can downgrade you to hub 5 but it probably won't help but least he has tried! Tried so hard, like your job much?!? Didn't think so!
The speed did go up to 37 on wifi over the 10-17 I was getting so said that was fine and to just leave it.
After two hours guess what it was all back to normal!!

So when the BT manager called my daughter she explained how disappointed she was with the whole thing and how it had not helped after him asking for another chance to try fix it! He said the next thing was for him to send us a hub 5 which was a downgrade but would need to speak to another team. When he called back he said that the team would not allow us to DOWNGRADE to a hub 5 free of charge we would need to pay, so we have a faulty hub and they want us to downgrade but not only that I have to pay for the pleasure! Are you joking, you couldn't make this up could you!

So my daughter refused and they offered her a hub 4 for free, that's not what my contract is for nor was it agreed to have this. So it is clear that BT can not offer the service I was garentee or sold so this has been Miss sold and BT are breaching their side of our contract. I wish to cancel but now all I have is a complaints call awaiting and we will have to go through this all again. BT face facts and as your engineer said and pointed out you can't garentee anything and allow me to be able to use my Sky Q or pay for my Sky Q for being unwilling to sort something you can't!
I WILL NOT pay any money to downgrade or cancel my services with you, if you had any sense or good service you'd allow me to cancel.

One more thing, how can a company ask for payment of a hub when there is a problem with your hub or this is not preforming asking a customer to downgrading but ask for payment? Also why are you BT are Miss selling your hub 6 as I have now been told by 4 people in BT that hub 6 is failing so how can you sell that, your Miss selling to all customers!!

I will be claiming all my costs for calls and unable to watch Sky due to your very very poor service!
I await your call from complaints and see what other hassle and stress you cause me and my family from yet more rude and unhelpful staff!
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Re: BT ..... You are A Joke

This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. Your post does not go to BT. The only BT staff are the forum moderators who do not necessarily read all the posts.


If you want to complain to BT you will need to go through their complaints procedure.


If you would like some help to try and establish what the problem is with your connection you will need to supply some information.


Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.

and use this speed tester then scroll down the page and carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

If you are using a Homehub 5 can you post the stats from 1-12 by logging onto the Homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/


If you are using the Smart Hub, (Homehub 6) can you go to hub manager then advanced then technical log and post the stats. http://bthomehub.home/

Can you check to see if there is any noise on your phone. Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.