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BT YouView DTR-T1000 - Lots of intermittent problems

I'm having all manner of problems with my BT DTR-T1000 YouView box, I had the box for 14 months without any problems until about a month ago. The following intermittent problems are now becoming more frequent:


1) Box won't wake up from being in standby - Light on front turns from Orange to Blue and displays "Please Wait" on the box, still like that after 10+ minutes. After powering off the box and back on it will start eventually with Humax loader and then YouView startup screen as expected.

2) Box wakes up with sound from freeview channels but no picture - tried switching between HDMI sources but have to reset the box to resolve.

3) When viewing on demand or normal freeview channels box appears to lock up with distorted/corrupted display on TV - have to reset to resolve.

4) Recordings fail entirely or stop recording after a few minutes.

5) Playing back recordings stop at any time with "Recording has ended" - I restart the playback and appears to be okay.


I have tried the following:


1) Replaced HDMI cable between YouView box and TV.
2) Re-tuned YouView Box.
3) Temporarily bypassed YouView box and plugged TV aerial cable back into TV to make sure issue isn't related to TV signal.
4) YouView box Maintenance Mode - Internet recovery with deleting all recordings - (


Any other suggestions? The box is 14 months old - will BT provide a replacement?  The YouView box is almost at the point of becoming a door stop.

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Re: BT YouView DTR-T1000 - Lots of intermittent problems

Yep. This model has a history of early failure. I have gone through two of them (one a triallist box) and the second a BT supplied box which lasted barely a year and which has just been replaced (at no charge by BT for a newer G4 mode)l. Fortunately after a week or so of intermittent faults it failed completely.

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Re: BT YouView DTR-T1000 - Lots of intermittent problems

Thanks for the reply.  Who sanctions a replacement box?  I guess I'll have to talk to "technical" support first, I'll eat some more christmas choccies and gather my strength....

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