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BT YouView box (Humax DTR-T2100) fast forward/rewind/pause problems

Hi all,


New to the forums here! Smiley Happy I am not a BT TV customer but I do have BT Broadband.


I bought a BT YouView box a last week from Amazon - certified refurbished - and there seems to be a couple of bugs. Sometimes when pressing the pause button on the remote whilst watching live TV, the pause symbol apppears in the middle of the screen but nothing else happens. However if I press the play button and immediately after press pause it will work. This only happens sometimes but it does affect all channels. It does not happen on the apps.


Second problem is when fast forwarding/rewinding programs on the apps (not live TV), the picture stops moving until I've pressed play. This makes it hard to skip adverts because I can't see when they've finished and the program has come back on.


Are these issues software bugs that are affecting all users or is this a fault with the box and I need to return it?


I'd appreciate any help




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Re: BT YouView box (Humax DTR-T2100) fast forward/rewind/pause problems

Not sure about the first issue as I don't use that feature but doesn't quite sound right.


But the second "issue" is certainly the way the iPlayer app works. Can't say about any of the others though.

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