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BT YouView box remote intermittent - 50% of button presses randomly aren't responded to

I have a BT YouView box and recently, it has become intermittently responsive to the remote control button key presses.

I have owned the box for 18 months. I would expect the box to still be reliable after this period of time.

I have already:

- factory reset the box

- reset the remote. The remote blue led always lights up when any key is pressed so I think the remote would be functioning.

- Changed the remote batteries for new ones.

- Tried another remote of the same model, this remote 4 months old from new.

- checked for software updates - it tells me it checked today - Sunday 1 September 2019.


I observed that, on turning the box on in the morning, it responds well to the remote, I'd even say is working normal.

However, with the box on throughout the day, towards the evening, it becomes intermittently unresponsive as described above. I suspect this could be either a thermal issue whereby the temperature of the box internals is impacting its ability to receive the remote's signals. Or that there is a software bug/regression in the most recent update, which includes a problem, like a memory leak, that manifests only if the box has been on for some time. Though having turned off and turned on the box, the problem prevails.

Also posted here:

(I have to post on both forums (sorry) because I believe it could either be a hardware problem with the BT YouView box or the YouView software running on it, as suggested above.)

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Re: BT YouView box remote intermittent - 50% of button presses randomly aren't responded to

Hi @therobyouknow  I can see that you have already been in contact with us via twitter. Post back and let us know how you get on.


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