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BT Youview Box Stuck On Reset... Help?

So last night, our remote control wouldn't connect to the box (it controlled the TV fine, just couldn't connect to the box) so I went through the help section on the BT website. I followed the instructions through and came to the part about resetting the box. I followed the instructions on resetting the box (used the option to factory reset but keep recordings as suggested online) and my box just kept getting stuck when trying to reboot. The page we keep seeing is 'Youview Loading...' and then it turns itself off again and does it again. I decided to leave it over night to do it's think but woke up to the same issue this morning. This morning, I tried the software reset which I managed to run but the box was still doing the same thing. Since then, I've tried the full factory reset (delete recordings) which failed and the internet/USB recovery, keep recordings which has failed. I have also tried unplugging the whole box and plugging it back it. I've also switched it off for 30 minutes. I am at a loss on what to do as this is the second box we've had after the last one was glitchy. We're in contract with BT as well for broadband and TV.

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Re: BT Youview Box Stuck On Reset... Help?

Can you hear a repeated clicking noise coming from inside the box if you put your ear to the box in a quiet room? If you can then the hard drive is most likely faulty and preventing the box from starting up

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Re: BT Youview Box Stuck On Reset... Help?

Yes I can. Would this mean we would need to ring BT and get a replacement?

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Re: BT Youview Box Stuck On Reset... Help?

I'm afraid so.


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Re: BT Youview Box Stuck On Reset... Help?

@SamKerri2804 Mine has also done this overnight, have tried to reboot and do a factory reset - all have failed. Have contacted BT via chat (which was easy) they are sending me a new box however I will lose all recordings.

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