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BT Youview Humax

BT TV Humax DTRT4000, works ok, however when the box is turned off the tv turns off initially then the tv turns back on by itself, although the Humax box is off. Apart from that issue all is fine. Any suggestions much appreciated?

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Re: BT Youview Humax

Hi @Hogie 

Well your BT TV T4000 will be connected to one of the TV HDMiI ports.

By turning off the T4000 is this using its remote  which would place the T4000 into your selected standby mode.  That would typically stop the image  from the T4000 appearing on your TV.  Could it be that your Tv is then detecting that the HDMI  no longer has an active signal from the T4000 and is defaulting to another source on the TV ?

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Re: BT Youview Humax

Thanks for getting back to me. I've checked the settings for the TV and the Humax box and it seems to be ok. Unfortunately my knowledge of these issues is somewhat limited. I also swapped the HDMI cable for another, that didn't work either. Once gaing thankyou for your advice.

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