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BT Youview box pixelation

I am extremely disappointed with this BT Youview box, i have recently upgraded from just BT infinity and phone line to BT infinity + BT TV + BT Phone line. Since i have got it, i have experienced pixelation with the TV channels, my TV signal seems ok. I have tried retuning channels and am lost, i start work quote early and finish work quite late and by the time i get home the helpdesk is closed. Are there any tips someone can suggest?


Right now it is terrible as i watch More4 , 


I am getting 44 signal

44 signal strength

32 signal quality


But this seems to fluctuate during the day...

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Re: BT Youview box pixelation

What is the signal like if you connect your TV aerial direct to the TV, as most TVs have a signal strength and signal quality information screen?

Is the YouView box connected directly to the input of the YouView box?


You need a signal strength between 70-90% and a signal quality of 100%. If you are not getting that, then you have a fault with your TV aerial installation.


If you are getting a very strong signal reading on the TV, then the signal may be too strong for the YouView box, and you may need an attenuator.