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BT and FON app for Iphone



Apologies if this has been asked before,


I'm on option 3 broadband, have a bt hub v2 at home and get a whopping speed of 1.5mb!


Now I travel a lot with work and find the fon feature very useful, especially on the iphone


but I updated my iphone 4 BTFON app (not sure what version it was) but it had FON on the icon.

Anyway I've not got v3.1.1 and I can no longer log in using the app.


first I though id changed my password - however I can log in though the laptop connected to FON network.

I can also log in through the phone using the web browser.


I just cannot log in though the APP


What I have notices, and not sure if this has anything to to with it, but


When I look at the wifi available from my hub, the name of the FON has changed.


It use to say BTFON and another saying BTOpenzone.

But now it says

BTWiFi  and another saying BTWiFi with FON


When I log onto the BTWiFi with FON

then try and log in with the app - I get the following message:

Connection Error. Sorry we have been unable to identify this hotspot.


Is this seen with anyone else?


As I said, I can log in via the laptop and web browser page.






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Re: BT and FON app for Iphone

I had similar problems on my Android phone with the old BT Fon app. Connection was very hit and miss until I uninstalled the app, when I could connect readily. I never did find a reason for this, but I've had no such difficulties with the new BT WiFi app so far. 


Try deleting any BT network connections on your phone and reinstalling the app. If that doesn't produce a cure, it may be a question of waiting for an app upgrade. You might be luckier than I was if someone can suggest something more positive.


The renaming of the services to BT WiFi was just a name change.

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