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BT and one zone farce.

My girlfriend and I moved into a new property at the start of August and began looking at setting up oh phone and broadband lines.

With open zone being a BT company we were under the impression that we needed to activate the line with BT so we arranged for an account to be set up and for an engineer to be sent out to us.

Fast forward over 6 weeks and we finally have had an engineer out to activate our line. Since having the account I have been offered free broadband with sky and would be looking to cancel my BT account being only a few days into the connection date.

However I have now discovered that the 14 days is from the date the account wa set up, which has now expired, and any cancellation will cost a fee. I am absolutely shocked at this and have no intention of paying you a penny.

If someone could please contact me to arrange my cancellation due to faulty lines and connections I would be very much appreciative.

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Re: BT and one zone farce.

You've missed the boat on that one.  The day the line is activated, you're locked into a long contract with BT - probably 12 or 18 months.  The penalty fees for leaving at this point will be horrendous, and will massively outweight any discount you could get by switching.

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Re: BT and one zone farce.

non payment will also cost you as BT will pass on the debt to collectors and this could affect your future credit rating
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Re: BT and one zone farce.

I assume you checked the terms and conditions before signing up?

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Re: BT and one zone farce.

Good post Devon. Doesn't say anything about the service not being connected during those 14 days.
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Re: BT and one zone farce.

It's always a dangerous thing to keep looking for deals on stuff you have just bought because if you find a better deal it just hacks you off, if you didn't want to use BT you shouldn't have contracted yourself with them, if there was a delay in providing service that would have been the case with anyone , Sky , Talk Talk , Plusnet etc...this delay is unlikely to get you released from your contractual period, you can still leave , but it will cost you early termination charges, and if you don't pay, they , like most company's will trash your credit record, and try to recover the debt directly, or by selling the debt on ...

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