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BT app shows 3 out of 4 red discs but WiFi works?! BT WHOLE HOME

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BT WHOLE HOME WIFI give me a lot of grief...

2 BT HH6 and 2 BT WH sets later...


I get the system going and usual for a few days but then it always crumbles. I need to restart router, reset Bt WH, reset to factory settings etc. So many frustrations but I can see this can be it!


Why do I now have 3 out my 4 discs shown as RED in the BT app whilst internet is fine and the discs seem to work (blue light) and over all network is as stretched so can't be 1 discs only?


I'm on latest firmware v1.01.13 build09 but if I manually check under Settings in the app it gives me 'There was a problem completing the firmware upfgrade. Please try again in a few minutes.' But the firmware was installed correctly a week ago and each time I open the app it auto checks the firmware and says it's fine.


* Any ideas?

* If I want to go factory reset on each disc I press reset button on the back of each disc for 2 secs (sometimes again when purple light shows if factory reset fails and disc connect again). Is that correct?

* I still have my BT HH6 WiFi on because if I switch it off the GUI becomes incredibly slow or never works so i'm running 2 networks along side each other. I tried fixing Bt WH channels to 1 and 36 but it doesn't allow me so i have set the BT HH6 to these channels.

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Re: BT app shows 3 out of 4 red discs but WiFi works?! BT WHOLE HOME

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@engelbertink That's not good it sounds like the app is not working correctly rather than the Whole Home wifi system.  Have you spoken to the helpdesk about this as they may be able to fix it for you?


By phone: 0808 100 6116Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm

By email:


The method you use to reset the discs is correct and as far as I am aware you should switch off the Home Hub Wifi to avoid a conflicts between the wireless signals. 

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Re: BT app shows 3 out of 4 red discs but WiFi works?! BT WHOLE HOME

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It seems I finally have a stable network with 4 discs! No resets, no lost connection, no red disc that still connect wirelessly... already for 2 full days. It all had to do with properly RESETTING the discs. The 1 sec reset button does NOT do the trick.

I tried and each time the disc had a red light but the SSID was still broadcasted whilst the BT HH WiFi was OFF and there were no other devices broadcasting.

I tried the 30 sec rule and that did the trick. WIth 30 sec the disc is RESET as you expect it to be! I had the WIFi on my HH6 turned OFF before setting up BT WH and the fault on my line reported to BT via their app.


I'm a happy man (at the moment) as it works and it's great.






Another thought is the possibility of network conflicts when using the same network name SSID. I didn't want to change SSID as that would mean I had to reconnect my 27 devices.... Nest thermo, 6x Nest Protect, Netatmo Camera, Netatmo Weather station, Sky box, Revo wireless radio, Swann CCTV, Synology NAS, PC, 2x laptops, 2x iPads, iPod, 3x iPhone, 2x Samsung tablets, Airport Express, 2x Zeppelin...

But if I have problems again, i'll try that as a last resort.

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Re: BT app shows 3 out of 4 red discs but WiFi works?! BT WHOLE HOME

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Hi there - I have managed to get 4 discs to work together with the same SSID (I bought two pairs) by doing the following:

(1) Set one pair up (as others have suggested, updating firmware etc). Leave it with its default SSID and leave your BT Hub wifi on.

(2) Turn off the first pair and set up the second pair in the same way. Note that the app does not accommodate two Whole Home units so it will say 'a new Whole Home unit has been detected - delete old one?' Yes do so (it only removes it from the app).

(3) Now turn off your BT Hub wifi.

(4) Change the SSID on the 2nd pair of discs to the same as your BT Hub with the same password. Reconnect via your phone/device to check all is working.  Switch off this pair.

(5) Reconnect and power up the first pair. Change the SSID on the 1st pair of discs to the same as your BT Hub with the same password.  (Again the app will say it has detected a new Whole Home unit - accept this.)  Reconnect via your phone/device to check all is working.

(6) Now restart the primary disc from the 2nd pair, BUT, make sure it is connected to your network via a cable either direct to the router or, as you are likely to have a larger house (given that you have bought 4 discs!) via a switch you are likely to have somewhere else in the house. For testing purposes it is useful to connect this "3rd" disc in the same room to check it. As long as it is cabled, it will boot and coexist with the other pair on the same SSID and devices will roam between.

(7) Restart the 4th disc (the second one from the second pair). This will boot in the expected way and go 'blue'. However, don't panic, as it will most likely then go red for a couple of seconds, blue will flash again and then solid blue.

Hey, presto! 4 discs with the same SSID and password.

(8) When you place them around the house, remember they are pairs - apart from having to have the primary disc of each pair cabled into your network (neither need to be connected directly to your router, it's fine to have one or them both connected via remote cabled switches if you need to), don't forget that each pair must be able to 'see' each other for the second disc of each pair to work - setting them up this way you cannot daisy chain a disc from one pair through the 'other pair'. Not a problem, just needs some thought placing them.  So far they all seem to behave for dynamic roaming between discs and all restart correctly on power outage, again with the fourth disc flickering red for a couple of seconds during the final stage of boot-up.

Hope this is helpful. Bear in mind this may work due to some quirk in the firmware and therefore may not work on other versions!

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