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BT apparently needs my money more than I do

I’d noted BT contract for broadband and landline was due to expire 12th Feb so I called on the 6th to renew, and agreed a deal and a start date of 10th was set.

Just got a quarterly bill, dated 7th Feb and, of course, I’ve been charged list price for broadband etc, so the bill is £200 instead of the usual £120.  I was thinking it was my own fault for leaving the renewal until too late, but then realised the one of the new items in the new contract is on the bill, with a start date of 10th!   That item replaces an item in the previous contract, and, yes, they’ve charged me for both!!   So BT knows full well I’ve renewed, knows full well what the new pricing is, but nevertheless has charged me rack rate for the next 3 months, and double charged for one item.

I know it’ll sort itself, but am I alone in thinking it’s a bit blinking cheeky to “borrow” £80 off me for the next 3 months when they could perfectly well have done it correctly from this bill?

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Re: BT apparently needs my money more than I do

When the billing cycle ran, you were billed for what you had at the time of the billing date, which was a discount that ran out on the 12th, your new discount as you said doesn't start until the 10th which was 3 days after the bill was produced, it's just how it works.

On your next billing cycle, you'll be refunded what you paid and then see the difference backdated, you can renew in advance to stop this happening again in future.

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Re: BT apparently needs my money more than I do

Thanks - I know that is how it is, but bearing in mind that the system clearly, by virtue of the fact that it's charged me for both anytime calls on the old deal and unlimited minutes on the new deal, knows I have a new deal from the 10th, it could have properly calculated the bill.

But it obviously benefits not to do that.

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Re: BT apparently needs my money more than I do

Wouldn't paying monthly be a better option?

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Re: BT apparently needs my money more than I do

I've just always paid quarterly, on receipt of paper bill.

I did chat to BT yesterday and the agent gave me a £10 credit (which I got in 3 emails, for 2 x £3.33 and 1 x £3.34!). 

Today I got another email saying I had a new bill - logged on to see a red flash saying the bill has been sent to a debt collection agency!   It then notes it's due to be paid 21st Feb.

I think BT is just playing with me.  Would have been less hassle to have changed providers.

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