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BT as useful as a chocolate kettle?

Let's see if anyone who works for BT on this forum can get there head around this and actually do something. I have called BT 2-3 times a month for over a year, had to call two sets of debt collectors to explain this and have now had to explain it all to Ombudsman. Yet despite so many people sorting this, STILL BT do not sort this. Here is my letter of complaint copy below sent via email and recorded delivery which BT never acknowledged once, maybe some one will on here:

I would like to formally in writing make a complaint to BT for the severe lack of service, action and care taken with the closing of my account in September 2012. This is in relation to my account for the phone number XXXXX XXXXXX at the address XXX.


In 2012 we decided to upgrade our internet bundle and after all sorted, were left waiting for an engineer to come and make adjustments on the line, once this was done we were left with no internet after him making an error and installing the wrong internet package not supported by our line, weeks passed of us calling BT and us being told it was being fixed and similar. In total, 3 weeks with no internet or on demand. With the amount of errors made we called BT and spoke with a customer service rep who understood our problems, after speaking to a manager agreed BT would allow us to close our account and all early termination charges to be wiped, he also advised any final bill charges would be covered as we had been paying for a service for weeks when not actually getting the service so the refund credit for them payments would cover it all.


The first issues were when moving house SKY my new provider could not install my broadband as BT had left an order on the line, something BT claimed for 4 weeks was not them and not there order, until a week after that period a BT rep called me asking if i still wanted the infinity package i ordered, as was waiting on the line!!


The rep who we dealt with who was very helpful was Scott Ripley. Then at the end of 2012 we received hounding letters and calls from debt collectors saying we owed over £300 in early termination charges plus penalties, asking us to make payment and saying the debt was from BT. We called BT and went through everything again, we were then told we would get a call back. This never happened. Then we received more hounding and more approaches asking us to pay the debt then sort it out with BT, something i refused to do. We called BT again and a rep located the problem and said he would withdraw the debt and wipe clear then call back and confirm once done. We never got a callback but we never heard anymore from the debt collectors.


2 weeks ago another new debt collector names SRJ PAY popped up again hounding with text messages and letters and calls about the debt, we called the debt collectors and they informed us it was BT, understood our scenario and said to call BT. We called BT and a female rep said she wasn't too sure as the account showed as clear but would call back, we have still had no call back again! Now we are getting letters from the debt collector stating if we do not pay in 10 days bailiffs will be sent. 


I have called BT asking them to sort this over 14 times in the last 3 months, every time i am assured it will be sorted and nothing is sorted.


My reason for this complaint is i am now seeking compensation from BT for this whole fiasco, i have been left in a more insecure financial situation than i would like to be in, leading up to my first child and cannot get any support not even from my bank because of BT's actions, i have a pregnant partner on maternity leave who is called from debt collectors about this and causing severe stress about the matter, on top of this because of the charges that were suppose to be wiped being referred to a debt collector, as proven when checking my credit rating using experian, my credit rating has dropped to "poor". In this hard time building up to our first born being due in a couple of weeks i am refused overdrafts, loans and credit anywhere i go because my credit rating has been affected so severely, something that even when this is sorted will leave my rating in a poor state and will take months to rebuild. Because of BT's sheer lack of service and fulfilling their requirements i am left in a less secure situation in the build up to my first born and this has resulted in an unhealthy amount of stress all because of such a lack of service. When taking in to consideration the business i lost from not being able to be online for nearly 3 weeks when our service was down as i am self employed this whole situation is just ridiculous!


Firstly i would like BT to fix this issue once and for all as there is only so many times i can keep calling BT and expelling the situation over and over again and being told my account is clear and in credit and they will sort it. Secondly i would like to know how BT will compensate me for this disaster scenario and the situation it has left me in due to you as a company. If you are not willing to provide any compensation i will have this matter sent to the correct organisations and legal sectors to pursue under advise already given from citizens advise.


Kind regards,

The hardest thing to grasp here, is i have emails from a BT rep in plain black and white stating BT have confirmed to clear all termination charges, so why after 12 months and showing these mails to BT, Ombudsman and Debt collectors is is still not sorted!


Since this letter i have had BT tell debt collectors the debt still stands so please collect, BT tell Ombudsman they cannot find my account, BT tell me on the phone on 3 occasions that my account is clear and they owe me £37 and they will sort this fiasco. 12 MONTHS!!! on and patience is wearing thin. I want this sorted, then i can persue compensation via solicitors.


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Re: BT as useful as a chocolate kettle?


The forum is for customer to customer for us to assist each other with issues, the only presence on the forum of BT are the moderators.

(If I have helped you in any way please click the thumbs up. Thank You)
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Re: BT as useful as a chocolate kettle?

Well hopefully people will read this and it will put them off joining or remaining with such a vile company should they have similar issues.

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Re: BT as useful as a chocolate kettle?


I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact the forum mods they should be able to get this problem sorted for you this is a link to them

They normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 3 working days they will take personal ownership of your problem until resolved and will keep you informed of progress

They are a UK based BT specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators

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