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BT billing

BT scamming, how many people are BT scamming out of millions of pounds annually. My business account approximately 14 months ago mysteriously started having costs added to the account.

initially it claimed for late payment, that’s one £40 added to my Broadband account and then another £40 added to the line that has the broadband account on it. After many,many phone calls and literally hours of waste time trying to reason with BT, after each bill received eventually the cost was refunded. To simplify matters we requested both the BT broadband and the line be added to the same bill.biggest mistake of my life. Bt then claimed we requested a new account and new account must be direct debit. I DO NOT DO DIRECT DEBIT, in my option it is wrong to give anyone the option of taking money from my account without authority. They will claim they do inform you. Just like they claim they did send the invoice that didn’t arrive and hence warranted a £40 late payment charge. We now not only receive £18 processing fee for no direct debit but also £40 late payment fee also. This has occurred month after month after month. 

When you type in BT scamming on the internet you get page after page of people using BT to scam customers. The reality is BT are the scammers to their own customers.

I am interested in learning of other people’s experience of this practice as I and currently making a case with the ombudsman.

thank you

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Re: BT billing

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