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BT blocking access to website

Is it me, or is BT blocking access to xvideos?


If yes, could someone explain why please?

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Re: BT blocking access to website

As xvideos is what could be considered as a naughty adult site perhaps parental controls or similar are doing the blocking.

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Re: BT blocking access to website

Thanks for the reply, but I don't use BT parental controls.  I use my router to restrict internet access to the kid's devices at nighttime, but that doesn't apply to my devices.


The site used to work without a fuss, but the only way I can get it to load now on my phone is by switching wifi off and using the cellular network, and the only way it works on my computer is through a proxy or vpn.


Just seems strange.

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Re: BT blocking access to website's working now.


How bizarre is that?


I checked before posting my previous post and it still wasn't loading and within a few minutes of posting, it's sorted.

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Re: BT blocking access to website

Out of curiosity I copied xvideos into Google and clicked on the link that appeared in the search.  Not blocked, you'll just need to take my word for that, no way is the landing page getting posted here.  It could be the BT DNS servers blocking it I suppose.  I use OpenDNS servers.

If you really must visit the site try using something like TorBrowser or whatever VPN you have.  Or change the DNS servers you use.

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Re: BT blocking access to website

I’m having the same problem can I know how to resolve it
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Re: BT blocking access to website

This may not be the cause of the problem but it might be worth checking.

BT are now turning on BT Web Protect on BT Broadband accounts that do not or have not had it previously activated. 

See link about BT Web Protect

If it has been activated on your account, without you having done it your self, you should have received an email from BT telling you that it has been activated.

If you do not want BT Web Protect you will have to go into your MyBT and opt out.

Log onto your MyBT and go to "Your Products" and click "Manage" then go to "Broadband"  and click on "Manage" then check that BT Web Protect is turned off.

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