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BT broadband Without the BT providing the landline

Is it even possible anymore.


I'm currently about 6 months away from the end of an 18 month contract. The broadband price for me is fine especially with the BT sports in the mix on my current BT infinity 2 package. Though i wish everytime someone near by gets a FTTC based product my line wouldn get clobbered by extra crosstalk and yet slower speeds. My doesn speed went from 80 down to 49mbps, fortunatly someone on the same pole moved out who had FTTC and my speeds back upto 55Mbps. 🙂


The phoneline is quite expensive. Is it actually possible to move the land line away and keep BT Broadband? would BT then decide they want to end by broadband too?

Would it be possible to recontract the broadband to keep BT sports if i do that?  they only mention broadband, not the land line. 

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Re: BT broadband Without the BT providing the landline

you need phone and broadband contract together

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