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BT broadband junction box

Hi All,


We upgrade from standard broadband to Infinity 2 broadband in a week. From the first day we have activated standard broadband we realized that the engineer who activated the line didn't bother to move the existing cables but just activating it.


Simple layout: two core wire coming from the street pilon anchored in one of the top corners of our property, it comes down on the wall in it goes through the main entrance door's frame into a small BT junction box (RC910.206.01 issue 2) inside the house and still on the door's frame.


Inside the BT junction box two core wires connected to A and B connection point and then to small small knife connection type (A, B and earth) two phone wires are connected on A and B points. The earth connection is not used on the later one.


Finally the phone wire, after convoluted path on the exterior walls, enters inside into a BT master socket with two sockets like the one at the bottom of this page (


We have telephoned Customer Service from BT and talked with them about the situation to remove the junction box and connect the two core wire directly into the BT Master Socket but BT says we need to pay £120 for call out charges plus everything else may have to be required.


We talked with OpenReach Customer Service who registered the call and send an engineer who didn't bother to do anything but tell us this does not comes to his job.


I am wondering who can help here with some advice. Eventually I may end up in doing the job as last resort. Looking forward to hear from the community which we are confident others have similar issues,

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Re: BT broadband junction box

So basically the drop wire connects into a BT80b then an internal cable goes from there to an NTE5a with an SSFP.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. You're only allowed a maximum of 2m of external cable inside. After that it has to connect to a Block Terminal (BT80b) and convert to an Internal cable.
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