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BT can't provide me with Broadband after years of being customer

I posted from mobile yesterday about this connection but this morning I've had it clarified from BT customer support.


Story so far.....


We've been long term BT broadband customers for around 7 years or so. Always had reasonable speeds of approx 6.8mbps, with intermittment low speeds from time to time. We have Tpon phone lines in street, installed 1997ish and they had to be amended to accomodate copper about 7 years ago.


Stick with me...


Around 15th last month broadband light on homehub 2 goes red and stays red. Umpteen phone calls to 'technical' dept etc and no-one can really help. Then around christmas spoke to order management team and they say it looks like openreach have ceased broadband on line by mistake. They suspect the line provided broadband for other houses too. I then get told broadband should be reinstated by 30th Dec. Get an email a few days later to say this wont happen but engineer shall call/ text arounf 30th Dec to let me know what's happenning. 


Still there.....


Today spoke to Bt customer team who say they were going to inform me today that they wont be able to provide broadband as the line speed is 0.5 mbps. He said he hadnever seen this before.


And that's it. How can this be??


On a side note, my neighbour who moved in in May was having severe issues getting broadband but now has it. I can't help thinking they have our connection? 


I don't need to tell you the complexities of this latest bit of news but I'm devastated. 


Where do I go from here?


Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.







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Re: BT can't provide me with Broadband after years of being customer

from your other post you said you are no longer in contract with BT so don't know if mods will be able to help  the mods will post a contact us link and you can take it from there 

contact mods.jpg

After completing the email NOT PM then you join a queue of other customers waiting for mod help. The mods will get back to you in 3/5 working days either by phone or email

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Re: BT can't provide me with Broadband after years of being customer

Hi jessculter, 


Thanks for your post. 


I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having lately. 


Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will take it from there. 




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Re: BT can't provide me with Broadband after years of being customer

Thanks for you help. It's much appreciated.Although my contract has expired I was in the process of speaking to BT about renewing it. I never cancelled but having no service finished it without any input from me. My phone is still BT.
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