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BT cancelled contract whilst in ICU with Covid-19

I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me any advice. 

My mum was taken in to hospital early on in the Covid-19 epidemic, was extremely poorly, thankfully with the help of the NHS she is still here, and was discharged earlier this week. 

I called and explained the situation to BT in May, which they were very helpful and kind, as I was in no position to pay for her BT, with being her carer, my money got stopped when she was in hospital after so many days. 

They assured me that they had made notes on her account and that her services wouldn't be restricted or cancelled, and I of cause assured them that payments would be made asap. 

I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks with complications relating to Covid-19 a month ago. 

So basically, my mum gets out of hospital, all the specialist equipment is around her that she needs to get better, thought nothing of it switched the TV on, and nothing. They had cut her off that day. 

She called up to find out what was going on, and was told that a payment was due on the 24th of August...? The contract has been cancelled by them, the last bill is up to 16th of September. 

If she has to pay up to that point, why can she not receive service till then? 

They called round different departments, everyone was saying the same thing, 'she had to pay the bill and start a new contract', this to me doesn't seem right? In the end someone took £120 off the bill, and said that even if the outstanding amount of £37 was paid, the account was still closed and it would take X amount of days to reconnect. 


Can someone please tell me if this is how we treat people in society that have just been through the most traumatic time in their life? There was no offer to switch on the BT mini hub. 

Sadly the stress caused her to struggle with her breathing and is now back in hospital, but she had to spend 3 days and nights in silence due to not being able to connect the TV to the WiFi. She doesn't have an aerial, doesn't watch live TV. 

Sorry about the length of this, 

I just really had to express my sadness and frustration about it all, and wondered if anyone else has had similar problems, or if anyone can advise me on how to get some other form of WiFi for her. I want her home. She is my mum. 

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Re: BT cancelled contract whilst in ICU with Covid-19

Hope you both get well soon - amazing lack of  support from BT

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I was just trying to explain that when I went on to mybt...

I was just trying to explain that when I went on to mybt it came up with 'error'. 

I have no idea what on earth I am doing in this chat thing. Im guessing edit doesn't mean update? 

Feel incredibly confused. Replying to oneself feels extremely bizarre. 

Think I will give this up as a bad job. 

Im guessing no one can help. 

Hope everyone takes gentle care, stay safe, protect the vulnerable people from Covid. 

Also note, the amount of people who have died of Covid is only 1% of the amount of people who die each year of flu!! 


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Re: I was just trying to explain that when I went on to mybt...

@Allsorts  I've asked a passing mod to help out for the benefit of your mum.

By the sounds of it, the billing team added an extension to the bill, after that it would send notifications which your mum wouldn't get in hospital, so it would be ceased automatically.
If the account is closed, it will need a new order raised to reprovide the service, the moderators here are BT employees and are a small team so give them time to help but they do a fantastic job.

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Re: BT cancelled contract whilst in ICU with Covid-19

Hello @Allsorts,


MY GOD 😑 😠! Are you serious? That wrong and DISGUSTING!!


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Re: I was just trying to explain that when I went on to mybt...

Visiting my mum now and she is just on the phone to them, in tears. 

They have been the most kindest and understanding people she has spoken to. 

They are sorting it for her as I type. 

How can I change or delete this post? because I want people to see how good BT can be.Admittedly it wasn't good at the beginning, but in the end they have been amazing 

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Re: I was just trying to explain that when I went on to mybt...

Hi @Allsorts,

Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm so sorry your mums services were disconnected. I can appreciate how much this would have an affect especially after being so ill, though I'm glad to hear your mum is on the mend. If there are any problems with this please drop me a private message. I've message you so you can get in touch if needed.



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