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BT cancelled my BB order and have now issued a £736 bill!!

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Following my partner moving into my home I arranged for BT to open a business account under my partners company name. The chosen package was phone and infinity Broadband. It was set up in June, but in September I noticed the broadband was still running out of my old account.

I contacted BT who after passing me around to 10 different people advised there was an issue with the broadband order set up in June and it hadn't yet been switched to the business account. I was told it was due to happen that week.
In the meantime I received emails stating the business broadband account was being cancelled - something I had NOT requested, so I again called BT. Meanwhile my broadband was stopped. Again no one could help or understand my situation but eventually I was told the broadband order had failed and therefore was cancelled so I needed to set up a new order for broadband under the account. I followed instruction and placed the new order.
I have repeatedly asked and raised my concern that given that the original order is cancelled for broad band, would BT attempt to bill us for the contracted term we entered into. I was told repeaendly no.
After a few days of no broadband I called BT again and went through to order management, who couldn't understand how I had ended up in the position I was in, why my first order had been cancelled or why I had been instructed to set up a new order. Regardless they kindly expedited the order to return broadband service within 48hours. Again I was assured there would be no 'final cancellation' bill from the previous order. My broadband is no functioning and has since last thursday.

Today I came home to a cancellation bill of £736!!!!!! I am absolutely livid! I am now expected to pay a bill of a broadband 2 year contract that was cancelled by BT, as well as a BT monthly contract for new broadband for 2 years...... I am so frustrated it's literally made me ill. I am appalled at BT and need to know who I contact to get this sorted out as everyone I call I seem to put at the beginning of a chain of people who cannot help me.
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Re: BT cancelled my BB order and have now issued a £736 bill!!

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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