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BT changed my phone number?!

Smiley Mad  I have recently attempted to switch my broadband provider, only to find out that without even notifying me, BT has taken the liberty of changing my phone number.  Repeated expensive calls to the helpline, have led to nothing.  I have been promised on more than one occasion that I will be called back, but only ever recieve voicemails claiming that I was not available to take these calls, and apparently BT can only call me once.


In order to set up my internet I need to know if my new number is temporary or permanent.  How do I find this out?

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Re: BT changed my phone number?!

How have you discovered that BT have changed your number?

Is this something that has been recorded on your account as a renumber or it could be something else such as a crossed line fault.

Once you've managed to ascertain the reason for it you can then progress and resolve your Broadband issue.

BT wouldn't just change your number as a renumber unless it had been requested either by yourself or someone having done it on your behalf.

If it is caused by a fault then you would need to report it to 151. It would be of benefit if you had the number you are crossed with.
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Re: BT changed my phone number?!

I checked my number using whatever that check number number is.  I am also unable to receive or make calls from my landline.  I don't care about this as I only require the line for the internet, but I cannot set up my new internet connection without a stable number.


Is there another way to verify exactly what my landline phone number is?



I also have not received any correspondence from BT since I set up my account, and the account number on that paperwork is not recognised when I attempt to set up an online account.  I am at my wits end here!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: BT changed my phone number?!

Hi Aaron11,

This doesn't sound quite right, if you can send in your forum username, your address and order number I'll check the account on my end.

You can find our forum mod email address by clicking on my username.


Community ModeratorStephanie
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Re: BT changed my phone number?!

Hi Stephanie,


I have emailed the details requested to you.  Will you be in touch via this forum or via email?

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