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BT charging for Order never supplied

Hi All,

After going through hard time with BT today I got bill for £273 for an Order I have already Cancelled and not provided to me at all. Thought of asking for some help to get this resolved.

I was with BT (BroadBnd,TV,Phone) and in 1st of July I informed them about my house move which was scheduled for 19th. They did house move order (new one) and scheduled an engineer for 22nd of July. Engineer came on 22nd and search for BT box at my place and told that there is NO BT connection so they would have to dig and put a underground line. I asked him to mark it as urgent since I work from home some times and it is urgent to have Broad Band. I called BT customer services on next day and someone from India answered and said Issue with my house has been noted and survey has to happened and then they will do the digging and give me connection before end of the week.
No update and nothing happening I called BT several time on 25th Thursday and they sent back another reengineer who searched my house for connection again.
This cycle went through next week also and I had visit form 6 BT engineers who came to search for connection point at my house. I had to make numerous number of calls to customer service and all call centre people from India was utterly useless. Couple of time I was even told that connection has been already done to my house including digging where I was left speechless..
I made official complain in BT 130729-****** but I was not contacted and nothing happened. Then on 31st One lady from UK said that now my case is handled by Special team and gave me some number with pin code and informed me that I can access my case directly. This was complete lie and this number will take you back to the customer services and again was put to India call center N number of times.
Then on 1st of august they said they cannot give me any update until 10th of august. I was really shocked and called back BT again on 2nd and this time they said that digging would be done by a third party so they cannot give me any promises and next update of my case will only on 21st of august.
That was the tipping point for me since I would have to wait another 20 more days just to get an update what was going to happen and even then there was no promise date of connection.
I called and asked them to cancel the order and this took almost 3 hours and finally a lady form UK said they would cancel the order but I have to pay cancellation for my earlier contract with BT.
Then I went for another provider very swiftly.
I got one final bill form BT asking for £15 and I thought there is no point of fighting for this and paid that.
BUT today I received another bill for £273.94 for cancellation and this seems to be the cancellation charge for my new house order which was not provided to me at all. This is big sum of money and will cause my difficulty for sure.
Whom should I go for this to get resolved ? BT? I made call the again to them after trying to explain for 30 minutes I figured out there is no point of talking to those call centre people. Should I go for a solicitor?

Really frustrate and feeling helpless.


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Re: BT charging for Order never supplied

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.


Once you get a reply, if you click on their name, you will see a screen like this. Click on the link as shown below.

Please do not send them a personal message, as they may not be on duty for a long time, and your message will not be tracked properly.




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Re: BT charging for Order never supplied

Hi parakkrama,

If you fill out the contact us link in the about me section of my profile, we can take a look at this for you.
BT Mod Team
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Re: BT charging for Order never supplied


I have done my contacts as requested BT ended up gettign this money out my account. I called BT 12 days ago and call centre person said they  would wave off this charge   and gave me a call reference. But still this has been charge I am totally lost  on what to do now.




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